EDWINS group from IC
The Girl Empowerment Group and the Mac Sisters collaborated on a published book to empower girls.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Your gifts help ensure that all Shaker students have the resources and programs they need for academic success, as well as social-emotional and physical well-being. See your support in action!

Fashion Forward

From sustainable designs to inspired collections, our high school Fashion Design students are pushing boundaries and redefining the fashion industry. Our talented students were able to showcase their unique creations on the runway at the annual 2024 ArtExposed Fashion Show supported by the Shaker Schools Foundation!

Shaker Soars to New Heights

Global education and travel have long been part of the Shaker Schools’ experience. We want to help Shaker students expand their worldviews and experience other cultures through international travel. The trips include performance tours, service programs and cultural exchange programs. Read more about our International Travel Endowment Campaign and how it impacts our students.

Flower Clown Helps Shape Ideas

Through the help of an SSF Enrichment Grant, Flower Clown, a well-known local balloon artist, helped our high school ceramics students visualize what their sketches would look like in 3D through balloon sculptures.

SHHS Flex Block in Action at Boulevard Elementary

With the support of the Shaker Schools Foundation, students at the SHHS used their Flex Block time to build a Gaga Pit at Boulevard, and it provides fun and exercise for students of all ages!

Wood You Look at That!

Shaker Heights Middle School 8th graders take a design course focused on woodworking. This hands-on experience is definitely a favorite of our students! The course offering was launched with funding from the Shaker Schools Foundation in the 2021-2022 school year and is a wonderful example of a STEM lab that allows students to explore many technical disciplines.

Wow! This is Won “Dill” ful!

The Foundation is proud to support Mr. Jeremy Bishko’s DILLicious endeavor at Shaker Middle School, where the students use their Design Cycle to investigate food waste and develop ways to reduce it locally, nationally, and globally.

Read how students learned to lacto-ferment fruits and vegetables by making mustards, pickles, and hot sauce.