Your gifts help ensure that all Shaker students

have the resources and programs they need for academic success,

as well as social-emotional and physical wellbeing.

See your support in action!


Innovative Center Puts Students in the Spotlight

A student bursts into the bathroom at the Innovative Center to deal with a sudden nosebleed. It’s a little crowded in there–what with the cinematographer, boom operator, director, script supervisor, and assistant camera operator. Not to worry: the blood is fake–made out of corn syrup and red food dye – but the talent is real. The students are filming an original short written by Colin Burleigh, Class of 2022, called “Nosebleed.” 

Mentoring at the Middle School

“What will the old person inside of you think about the choices you are making today?” 

“Who are the people on your A-Team?”

“What are your SMART Goals for the future?”

Every Monday at the Middle School, a group of students gathers to reflect and discuss topics like these, as they participate in a mentoring program called M.I.T.: Motivate, Inspire, Teach

Making Friends at Fieldstone Farms

Every week, students from Mercer’s multiple disabilities classroom look forward to visiting their friends at Fieldstone Farms. These gentle giants, who stand on four legs, offer unconditional support and encouragement to the students as they learn how to groom and feed them, and eventually, ride them.

The Fieldstone Farm staff is specially trained to work with students with autism, Down syndrome, and multiple disabilities– and so are the horses. The Foundation underwrites the cost of the program for students to attend.