Flower Clown Helps Shape Ideas

The SSF funded this artist visit to help our ceramics students visualize their sketches in 3D

Christina Stouffer’s High School ceramics class was filled with creative ideas as Flower Clown worked with students to see their sketches come to life as balloon animals. The goal was to help our students visualize what their balloon sculpture sketches look like in 3D. Flower Clown looked at the students’ project sketch ideas and then made balloon animals based on the sketches for each student. This helped students see the roundness, curves, and pinches in the balloon shapes needed to form their clay. 

By just looking at a sketch for a sculpture, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine how it will look in 3D. Flower helped the students transfer their sketches into a 3-D form by using the balloon version of their sketch as a reference. By having Flower visit us during our class period, all students had an opportunity to engage with him.

Flower Clown brings happiness, joy, and laughter to our students.

Christina Stouffer

Ceramics Teacher, Shaker Heights High School