Every Student. Every Grade. Every School.

At the Shaker Schools Foundation, we’re deeply committed to ensuring that every child in the Shaker Heights Schools has the opportunity to thrive. Your generosity fuels our mission!

From providing key instructional supplies to funding enriching extracurricular activities, support from Shaker alumni, parents and community members has made a difference for Shaker students.

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See how we are investing in students’ futures with our organizational fund at the Cleveland Foundation.

Our Board of Trustees

Cathy Zbanek, President
Jonas Ng, Vice President
Christopher Hunter, Treasurer
Barbara Nolan, Secretary

Jennifer Lawry Adams
Eileen Anderson
Alison Bibb-Carson, Board of Education Liaison
Michael Bowen
Kevin L. Clayton
Nicol Coxon
Mity Fowler
Mark Freeman
David Glasner, Superintendent

Ramona Lowery-Ferrell
Christine Medvedev
Cliff Mendelsohn
Jay Morgan
Phillip Rowland-Seymour
Scott Shelfer
Tricia Stevenson
Carter Strang
Brittany Webb

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Advisory Committee

Anne Borchert, Chair
Joanie Adler
Maxine Isaacs
Kathryn Jones
Peter Lawson Jones

Barb Miller
Zachary Paris
Terry Pollack
Jennifer Proe
Deborah Ratner, Emeritus

Ronald Ratner
Susan Ratner
Robin Weaver
Caroline Weingart
Steve Weitzner
Mariama Whyte

our mission statement

Our Staff

Holly Coughlin, Executive Director
Laura Orazi, Director of Development
Erica Verderber, Senior Administrative Assistant
Sharon Galin, Alumni Liaison
Megan Hanger, Development Associate
Marla Walker, Marketing and Communications Specialist

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15600 Parkland Drive, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120

Shaker Schools Foundation, Ph: 216-295-4329, Email: orazi_l@shaker.org

Shaker Schools Alumni, Ph: 216-295-4877, Email: shakeralumni@shaker.org

The Shaker Schools Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our History:

The Shaker Schools Foundation is able to make a difference in the lives of all Shaker students throughout the District through the funds raised through individual donations, grants and special events.

  • SSF was the first foundation in Ohio to support a public school system when it launched in 1981. SSF helps with projects beyond the District’s budget, enriching and expanding opportunities for learning.
  • SSF supports the District’s strategic initiatives around Educational Equity and IB (International Baccalaureate Programme). SSF raises and distributes funds for academics, arts, athletics, social-emotional learning, student opportunity assistance, technology and co-curriculars.
  • Since its inception, SSF has raised and distributed over $10M in support of Shaker Schools.