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How can we help you help our Shaker Students?

Submit an Enrichment Grant Proposal

Shaker Schools Foundation has an Enrichment Grant program to support small projects that will enhance student learning and participation during the 2023-2024 school year. Teachers and faculty mentoring school-related activities or clubs can submit a request for a mini-grant. Funding is usually in the $200-$300 range and can be up to $500 per project – for field trips, special art supplies, additional classroom resources, teaching tools, special events, etc. Enrichment grants are generally for an individual classroom or activity, not an all-grade or all-school activity.

Questions? Contact Laura Orazi at orazi_l@shaker.org. Applications are accepted by clicking the button below.

Jeremy Bishko, Shaker Heights Middle School teacher, investigates food waste and designs ways to reduce it at the local, national, and global levels with his Inquiry class.
“The kids are excited to come to school and do this real, hands-on learning,” Bishko said of the inquiry coursework. “It’s relevant to their daily lives. They are learning about food waste, taking note of the food waste they see at home. They’re seeing how they can make the world a better place. We’re starting small, here, and then helping them see how they can work their way out to the greater good.”

Have an idea for a larger project or a different kind of project?

Shaker Schools Foundation engages in fundraising and manages a variety of other funds that can support a range of projects, depending on current District priorities and needs. Please contact Holly Coughlin at coughlin_h@shaker.org for more information.

Red & White Tickets Payroll Deduction

A Night for the Red & White, the Shaker Schools Foundation’s annual celebration and fundraiser, is coming home to Shaker! This year, you are invited to raise a glass to Shaker students at Shaker Heights High School on March 2, 2024, as we raise critical funds in support of opportunity assistance, mentoring, internships and career pathways, hands-on learning, travel assistance, and more.

This year, staff can purchase your Red & White tickets through 4 consecutive, equal, post-tax payroll deductions. All payments must be completed by April 30, 2024.
Staff tickets are priced at $125 each (max 2) and are inclusive of food, drinks, dancing and parking. 
Read more about our annual gala. We can’t wait to celebrate Shaker with you!

Are you interested in supporting the Shaker Schools Foundation?

Every student. Every grade. Every school. At the Shaker Schools Foundation, we’re deeply committed to ensuring that every child in Shaker Heights City Schools has the opportunity to thrive.

We’re excited to see what we can achieve together this year! Please consider supporting the Advancing Shaker Annual Appeal. Your contribution will go directly towards:

  • Classroom Learning – resources for hands-on learning and new curriculum
  • Innovative Teaching – grants for field trips and tools for creative study and exploration
  • Opportunities for All – direct student support for extracurriculars, youth sports and travel
  • Career Exploration – mentoring, job shadowing and entrepreneurship experiences

Thank you for all you do for Shaker students!