Fashion Forward

The 2024 Art Exposed Fashion Show & Awards, sponsored by the Shaker Schools Foundation, kicked off with an art reception, a captivating fashion show, and an awards ceremony. Our talented Fashion Design Course students, guided by instructors Matthew Deibel and Kristina Walter, impressed the audience with their sustainable creations inspired by the elements. The event was a true reflection of our students’ dedication and success.

Impact of Fast Fashion on the Industry

Lessons were taught to address sustainability using used clothing and repurposing the material for new and different garments. Many students used materials for the fashion show that was from salvaged fabric and donated materials. Students repurposed older remnants and limited new purchases to keep it sustainable.

We strive to maintain student engagement from the creation of their garment through the execution of the Fashion Show.  

Matthew Deibel

Fashion Design Teacher, Shaker Heights High School

If we are working towards a sustainable future, we have to think about what we consume, and as consumers, we need to keep in mind that the most sustainable wardrobe is the one that is already in our closet.

Kristina Walker

Fashion Design Teacher, Shaker Heights High School

Air is a necessary element, we need it to survive. My plastic jacket resembles a puffer jacket. The plastic bags are light and fluffy like a cloud. I chose plastic bags to bring light to the world’s landfill problem.

Oli, SHHS Student Designer

Element - Air

I chose fire because of its beautiful and chaotic nature. Fire has a chaotic dance, you never know where it’s going. I made a red pair of paints with fire on the pockets. The color scheme shows fire with red, yellow, orange, and gray. I also made a plain black long-sleeved shirt. The color symbolizes the burning that fire can do, it can turn a lush and beautiful forest into a barren dark wasteland.

Otis , SHHS Student Designer

Element - Fire