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Shaker Schools Foundation Launches Travel Endowment Campaign


Your gift to the Endowed Travel Fund helps Shaker students expand their worldview and experience other cultures through international travel.

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Your Generous Donations

Over the years, your generous donations have helped students travel the globe for:

  • Performance Tours – Students have traveled with the orchestra, band and choir to perform at venues throughout Europe and China
  • Service Programs – Our students travel to provide services and learn more about others’ cultures in Costa Rica, Laos, Fiji, Cambodia, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya
  • Cultural Exchange Programs – Students have participated in exchange programs in Rouen, France, and Goslar, Germany, as well as China, India, and Japan through the High School’s Asian Studies Program


The South African Cultural Exchange (SACE) team, an initiative of Shaker Heights City School District’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, has planned a trip to South Africa in March 2024Learn more about this amazing opportunity and how you can support our Shaker students.

During the 2023-2024  school year, Shaker students will travel to Chile, Costa Rica, Goslar, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, and France.

I traveled with the Orchestra to Spain in March of 2022 last year. It was the best thing I have ever done in high school so far! Little did I know this trip would change the trajectory of my identity and my high school identity at Shaker in general.

Senior who received travel assistance as a junior

Shaker Heights High School

$500,000 Goal for Endowment Fund

This campaign marks a significant step towards providing life-changing opportunities for any Shaker Heights City Schools student who wishes to experience international travel.

The initial goal is to raise $500,000 in the next two years, to significantly boost the level of funding the Foundation is able to provide for student travel assistance. This fund will not only facilitate current travel opportunities but also ensure a lasting legacy, allowing future generations of Shaker students to benefit from transformative international experiences.

Why Building a Travel Fund Matters

Expanding Reach: Achieving this goal will allow us to extend the benefits of international travel to a larger number of students, fostering a more inclusive and diverse program.

Sustainability: The endowment model ensures a perpetual source of funding, guaranteeing that the campaign’s impact lasts for years to come.

Shaker Student Travel Savings Fund

The Shaker Schools Foundation is proud to partner with Huntington Bank to help our families plan for the experience of a lifetime by opening a Shaker Student Travel Savings Fund. The time to start saving is NOW! Our partnership with Huntington will allow you to start a student travel savings fund now–with ZERO cost to you to set up. It is completely free. Your savings today will give your student the experience of a lifetime in high school. To set up your savings fund, visit the Huntington Fairmount Circle location. Learn more here.

Corporate Partners - Benefactor - HUNTINGTON

International travel is life-changing. It gives students real and unique experiences that encourage them to think outside the bounds of their neighborhood, school or classroom. It empowers them to get out of their comfort zone and gain cultural fluency. Having an expanded worldview allows students to be more inclusive and accepting of others that are different from them.

You can help share the world with a student!