Shaker Student Travel Savings Fund

Excellence is Inclusive: Shaker Travels the World Together

presented by

Huntington National Bank

(Fairmount Circle Location Only)

Corporate Partners - Benefactor - HUNTINGTON

Global education has long been part of the Shaker experience. At the high school, a great number of opportunities exist for students–whether touring in Europe with fellow students from the band, choir or orchestra, engaging in a language immersion program to Chile or Germany, or participating in a service project in Southeast Asia. Most of these life-changing trips are nearly $4,000 per student. While all student travel experiences have fundraising opportunities to support the trips, we know these costs are great. The Shaker Schools Foundation is proud to partner with Huntington Bank to help our families plan for the experience of a lifetime by opening a Shaker Student Travel Savings Fund.

The time to start saving is NOW! Our partnership with Huntington will allow you to start a student travel savings fund now–with ZERO cost to you to set up. It is completely free. Your savings today will give your student the experience of a lifetime in high school.

Benefits of starting a Shaker Student Travel Saving Fund with Huntington:

● $0.00 Set-Up Cost
● FREE access to Direct Deposit
● Your money when you need it
● Earning toward a goal is rewarding
● An international travel opportunity for your student will be life-changing!

For example, let’s make it your goal to save $3000 by the time your student enters Shaker Heights High School:

Your Student NOW!
Number of Months Before Freshman Year
Deposit This Amount Each Pay Period (considering 2 week pay schedule)
3rd Grade 72 (144 pay periods) $21.00
5th Grade 48 (96 pay periods) $31.25
7th Grade 24 (48 pay periods) $62.50

● Who has access to the money I deposit into this savings account?
○ YOU, and any other named person you authorize. Shaker Schools has NO access to this money
● What if my student does not end up using this money for a trip in high school, or we leave Shaker Schools?
○ It is your money in your savings account, there are zero strings attached to it
● What if there is an emergency situation with my family and I need to use this money?
○ While we hope that won’t happen, we recognize life happens. Again, it is your money, your account. You
have 100% access to this money. Hopefully, after the emergency clears, you can begin saving again!

Contact Huntington Today!
To start your student’s travel fund, contact Brandon Tufts at Huntington’s Fairmount Circle branch at 216-515-0285.

For more information on our Shaker Travel Fund, visit here.