Named Funds

Meaningful support for students and programs

Since its inception, the Shaker Schools Foundation has encouraged donations in honor or memory of a person or family or in support of a special program. Income from these funds helps support teaching and learning in the Shaker City Schools. Named funds help fulfill the mission of the Shaker Schools Foundation by supporting programs that enrich curricula, encourage and celebrate student achievement, provide professional development and enhance learning environments.

For more information about establishing a named fund, please contact the Shaker Schools Foundation at 216-295-4329 or

To make a contribution to a specific named fund, click on the Donate Now button and indicate the name of the fund where you would like to designate your gift.



The Ruth S. Affelder Reading Fund

Aisha Fraser Memorial Endowment 

Nikki Babbit Memorial Fund

David M. Berger Memorial Fund

Beyond the Desk Fund

Daniel R. Biello Memorial Fund

Madeline and Dennis Block Fund

Phyllis P. Brandon Fund

Jean Brattin Physics Fund

Charlotte Braverman Music Enrichment Fund

David Breland Fund for Innovation in 
     Music and Technology

Louis and Laura Brooks Memorial Fund

Buie Data Processing Fund  

Lucille M. Burkett Fund      

Rashad Burnley Memorial Fund

Sally Calland Lomond Scholar Award Fund

Penny Chang Fund  

Class of 1938 Special Scholarship Fund

Class of 1948 Fund 

Class of 1949 Fund

Class of January 1950 Fund

Class of 1950 and January 1951 Fund

Class of 1954 Alumni Fund 

Class of 1955 Fund 

Class of 1956 Fund

Class of 1967 Legacy Fund Gift 

Class of 1968 Innovation Fund 

Class of 1973 Fund 

Class of 1982 Fund 

Class of 2001 Fund   

Class 2016 Travel Fund 

CommitMEN Fund

Lynn Cowen Fund

Culotta, Flonnoy, Gaarder, and Vinton 
     Vietnam Memorial Fund

The Mae Stuart Dalrymple Memorial 

Fred David Memorial Fund 

Deep Hughes Bardenstein Family Evening 
     of Jazz Fund

M. Evelyn Dilley Fund

Reynold Ellis Raise Our Voice Fund

Richard William Epps Memorial Fund  

Fine and Performing Arts Fund

Jeffry E. Fox Memorial Fund

Linda Freeman Fund

Katie Galvin Fund

Carolyn Garvin Scholarship Fund

Barbara P. Geismer Fund for Cultural 
     Enrichment in Grades K-3

Goldfarb Family Fund

Jenny Goldman Language Excellence Fund

Robert C. Goodman Science Faculty 
     Enrichment Fund 

The Grace B. Graham Learning Fund

Damon Michael Haley Legacy Fund 

John Harbourt Memorial Fund  

June Marie Harney Fund for the 
     Performing Arts

Fred Heinlen Fund

Geoffrey Michael Heller History Fund

Sarita Herron Fund

Rob Hershman Fund    

Douglas E. Hicks Memorial Fund

Hirsch Family Fund 

John and Leslie Holdstein Memorial 

Dorothy Humel Hovorka Award for 
     Scholastic Achievement     

The Hunter Family Fund 

Hutchings Family Fund 

Brian Hutton Memorial Fund

David Inglis Memorial Fund

The Innovation Fund 

International Baccalaureate Fund

International Baccalaureate Student   
     Philanthropic Fund

Kathryn and Stephen Jones Fund

Kassen Boulevard Book Fund 

Judy Wilkoff Kaufman Fund

Desadre Lawson-Bullock Fund

Mark Leimsieder School Community 
     Award Fund

Library Fund

Eric and Susan Lindquist Memorial Fund

Lawrence Lisak Memorial Fund 

Linda Loeffler Science Fund      

Dr. William J. and Kathleen S. MacIntyre Fund

Dr. Louise Marks Active Learning Fund

The Mason Family Fund

Elaine Mason Fund

McGovern Family Fund

John M. McGuinness Memorial Fund

Zoltan and Doris Modly First Generation 
     American Fund

Jennifer Lynn Moore Fund

The Peter Morgenstern-Clarren Garden Fund

Bob Morris Fund 

Brittany Mosely Award Fund 

Passion for Economics Award Fund 

Terry Pollack Fund for Leadership and Diversity

Pride in Shaker Schools Alumni Fund

Lisa Pruett Fund

Loretta Quade Community Leadership 
     Memorial Award

Frank Richards Memorial Fund  

Rosewater Family Fund

A. Jack Rumbaugh Fund

William J. Scherer Fund

Michael Schneiberg Memorial Fund 

Robert Schneider Choral Enrichment Fund

Isaac Schulz Memorial Scholarship Fund


Shaker Fields Development Fund

Shaker Goslar Exchange Scholarship Fund

Shaker Hockey Alumni Fund

Shaker Orchestra Most Improved Award 
     Scholarship Fund

Shaker Sports Booster Club Fund 

Amy Margolis Silberman Fund for 
     Excellence in Theater Arts 

Special Needs Fund 

Sue Silverman Memorial Fund 

Alice Stein Reading Fund

Elena Steinberg Fund

Stout Family Fund

Joan and Norman Sugarman Family Fund  

Summer Scott Memorial Fund 

Superintendent’s Fund 

Peter W., William A., and Harold J. Theisen 
     Memorial Fund

James Thornton Guest Artist Fund

Rick Ware Fund for Creative Education 
     and Teaching Excellence     

Traci Louise Prince Williams Fund

Travel Assistance Fund 

The Jane C. Troha Educational 
     Enrichment Fund 

True Love School Learning Exchange Fund

Jane Wood Award for Outstanding 
     Student Journalism

Jeff Young Memorial Fund

Youth Entrepreneurship Fund