SHHS Flex Block in Action at Boulevard Elementary

A Gaga Pit provides fun and exercise for students of all ages.

Recently, Shaker Heights High School students used their scheduled Flex Block time to build a  Gaga Pit at Boulevard Elementary. A Gaga Pit, or sometimes referred to as Gaga Ball, is a game for students of all ages and athletic abilities. It’s a fast-paced game with a lot of dodging, running and jumping while using hand and eye coordination and large muscles. Flex Block is on the schedule twice a week at the High School and is an opportunity for students to continue learning outside of a traditional classroom setting. Students engage in real-world problems that require creative thinking and problem-solving. 

The Shaker Schools Foundation purchased the supplies for the pit. Student Coleman Lauritsen led the project: “The experience of building the Gaga Pit was a unique combination of fun, excitement and stress. It taught me a lot about organizing projects with others and communicating my plans. I loved the day of building the pit and hope the kids at Boulevard will get a great amount of use out of it!”