Fashion Design Studio

Coming to SHHS

2023/2024 School Year

Support the new Fashion Design Studio and help fill the room with sewing machines, mannequins, fabric, thread, and more!

Semester 1: Fiber Arts

Students will investigate the historical context of clothing and society and the impact that textiles have had on our society at large. Students will develop skills in fabric dyeing, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, knitting and sewing machines. 

Semester 2: Fashion Design

Students will focus on drawing fashion template models and designing garments. Students will gain a better understanding of how to use a sewing machine. The curriculum will include a study of Fashion Design through the ages using an Art History lens.


Students will have team building opportunities to create a selection of clothing that will be showcased in an end of year fashion show during Art Exposed.

Student opportunities could include working with Jewelry metals to create clothing that works with jewelry pieces, and working with the Kent Fashion Design program.