Excellence is Inclusive:
Shaker Travels the World Together
Excellence is Inclusive – Shaker Travels the World Together!

Global education and travel have long been part of the Shaker Schools’ experience. We want to help Shaker students expand their worldviews and experience other cultures through international travel. The trips include performance tours, service programs and cultural exchange programs.

In fall 2022 Shaker Schools Foundation partnered with our high school to provide a fundraiser directly related to travel. Over $5,200 was raised through the basket and trip raffles – contributing to over $32,000 that has been raised through donations so far this year. With this support and additional funds from the Foundation, plus generous support from the Shaker Heights Band Boosters for the band trip, over $50,000 in travel assistance was provided to help 34 students participate in this year’s international travel opportunities. 

During the 2022-2023 school year Shaker students will travel to France, Quebec, Puerto Rico, Fiji, Costa Rica, Goslar, Chile and India.

Laila Christian, currently a senior at the high school, recently shared her experience on a trip to Spain her junior year.  “I traveled with the Orchestra to Spain in March of 2022 last year. It was the best thing I have ever done in high school so far! Little did I know this trip would change the trajectory of my identity and my high school identity at Shaker in general.”