Shaker Esports Team

About Us:

The SHHS Esports team is a competitive gaming team that was founded by students. Today we are one of the premier esports teams in Ohio. We have over 60 students on our team. We compete weekly in the Esports Ohio high school league against over 300 other Ohio high schools. We compete in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnight, Valorant, and Chess. We have both JV and Varsity levels for most teams. Esports has two seasons every year, a fall season from September to November and an OHSAA spring season from March to May.

Esports, just like traditional sports, requires a tremendous amount of practice, teamwork and game knowledge to succeed.  Our players play and practice every single day in the Esports Room at the high school.  Their hardwork and dedication has brought home 5 State Championships titles, 4 State runner-up titles, the Ohio/Michigan battle of the border title, and multiple regional victories.

How Can You Help?

Donations will:

  • Go first and foremost to update and repair equipment for the players.
  • Buy ergonomically appropriate gaming chairs. We currently play on hard plastic chairs that have no armrests. This puts our players at a mechanical disadvantage during matches.
  • Add additional equipment to enable us to offer the opportunity to add more players and games to the team
  • Add equipment to enable the team to stream matches and have commentators
  • Purchase supplies for the regional and state in-person tournaments


A donation at the sponsor or supporter level will purchase a gaming chair for the team. In recognition of your donation, we will permanently label the gaming chair with the in-game name of the SHHS Esports player of your choice.

Meet Our Coaches

Keith Szalay

SHHS Esports Head Coach

The SHHS esports program continues to be a place where students can come to connect over a common interest, to practice and grow as players, and to learn the value of teamwork.  It is an honor to get to coach, collaborate and play with such a dedicated group of young people, and Coach Kee and I are looking forward to next season already! 

Aric Kee

SHHS Esports Assistant Coach