Extracurricular Opportunity Scholarships for Shaker Students 

 Promoting equitable access to opportunities for educational growth for Shaker students. 



What do you want to LEARN? What do you want to DO? Who do you want to BE?

The Shaker Schools Foundation has established an opportunity assistance fund to encourage students in the Shaker schools to explore potential passions in our community and beyond. This Fund aims to increase access to educational activities to a broader group of Shaker students for:

  • Learning opportunities with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) focus; literacy, language, visual or performing arts focus; leadership; social-emotional learning focus; and much more.
  • In-person or virtual group classes; seminars and training programs offered by colleges, businesses, educational and non-profit organizations; and conferences or competitions.

Who can apply? 

  • Students enrolled in grades 5-12 in the Shaker Heights City School District
  • Parents/guardians on behalf of Shaker students enrolled in grades 5-12
  • Teachers/counselors/community members on behalf of Shaker students enrolled in grades 5-12.


  • Grants can apply to a single class or event. Grants can also apply to multiple sessions (such as a multi-week language class or coding class, or a specialty camp). Unfortunately, we cannot include grants for transportation costs.  
  • Opportunities can take place during the school year or during the summer.
  • This funding does not apply to private, one-to-one instruction in any area, or for any sports activities.   
  • For information about funding for private music instruction, please email SSF at 
  • For information about sports opportunities available through Level the Playing Field Fund, please email us at or visit our website
  • Funding is limited. If approved, grants will generally be between $50 and $500, with a maximum of $1,000. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may be eligible for additional funding (up to 80% of the total cost of the activity or up to $1,500).

Application, Funding, and Notification:

  • Applications can be accepted any time, but must be received at least 1 month before program payment is due. Please apply as early as possible, especially for summer activities.
  • Students will be notified within 2 weeks of applying. 
  • Funds will be issued directly to the program (or reimbursed to the student/caregiver with a receipt and proof of enrollment). 
  • At the completion of the activity, we’ll need the student to provide a brief written reflection about their experience. 

SSF Commitment to Equitable Access:

The most successful applicants will demonstrate diversity in one or more ways, including, but not limited to racial and ethnic diversity, gender and sexual diversity, neurodiversity, life experience, and physical ability.

Preference will be given to:

  • African American, LatinX/Hispanic, Native American students
  • Girls applying to participate in STEM activities
  • Students with physical disabilities or special education needs

Priority will be given to Shaker students from the following neighborhoods:

  • Lomond
  • Ludlow
  • Moreland
  • Boulevard