Aisha Fraser Memorial Fund

November 17, 2023 marked the five-year anniversary of Aisha Fraser’s passing. As a sixth-grade teacher at Woodbury, Aisha had a gift of making math accessible and interesting to all of her students. She spent several years as an enriched math and core math teacher. At the same time, she served as director of the Granville Academy. It was important to Aisha to work with all children to provide the mentorship and opportunities needed to have a successful life.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Ms. Fraser supported the Woodbury Female Scholars by providing tech support for our National Geographic Society research project. She opened her classroom to our scholars and gave them valuable instruction on using video to tell important stories. The research being done was important to her because the students wanted to propose an accessible playground at Woodbury. As the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, she knew how important accessible playground equipment was for these children.

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Honoring Aisha Fraser with a Memorial Bench

Family, friends, staff and community members gathered on November 17 at Woodbury Elementary School to remember Aisha and dedicated a memorial bench in her honor. 

Not only was Aisha a teacher in Shaker Schools for 15 years, all at Woodbury; she served as the District Testing Coordinator from 2014-2015. Aisha was a 1991 graduate of Shaker Schools. Her daughters are attending Shaker Schools and her mother resides in Shaker Heights. Aisha developed many lasting friendships in the Shaker community and we want her to be remembered.

Please consider donating to the Aisha Fraser Memorial Fund to help provide scholarship funds for 6th Grade Camp.

From her friends and colleagues….

Aisha was an incredible teacher and colleague. She was also an exemplary representative for the Shaker Heights Teachers’ Association.  Aisha could always be relied upon to support her fellow teachers through good times and bad. An SHTA Distinguished Service Award Winner, Aisha held the bar high for all those who seek to serve others through their union. Her legacy will live on through her students, colleagues, and fellow SHTA members for generations. This gift will symbolize Aisha’s profound legacy. 

John L. Morris, Ph.D.

SHTA President, High School English Instructor

I served as Principal of Woodbury from 2014-2020, I had the pleasure of working with Aisha Fraser. She had a wonderful spirit that illuminated the Woodbury building! She approached everything with a smile, energy, and enthusiasm that was unmatched. I could always count on her to do what’s best for all of her students. She cared for them very deeply and they respected her just as much. Aisha was a team player and would always do what’s best for the building. She taught all levels of math and advanced math as well. Her students learned so much from her methods of teaching which were always student centered. Even though she is not with us physically, her spirit, light and legacy still shines through the Woodbury and Shaker Community forever! Heaven has a true angel and that angel is looking over us daily! We will continue to keep the Fraser family lifted up in our thoughts and prayers.

H. Danny Young Jr., Ed.S.

School Counselor / Head Men's Basketball Coach , Former Woodbury Principal, 2014-2020

As a seventh grader, I met Aisha in the Fall of 1985 at Shaker Heights Middle School. Her smile was infectious, her laugh unforgettable and the fun times we had were legendary. I never had a dull moment with Aisha. We encouraged one another through break-ups, AP courses and the path to college; ultimately selecting HBCUs in adjacent states at Spelman and Florida A&M University.  My life is forever enriched because of Aisha.

Lisa Farmer Cole

Chief of Schools, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Shaker Heights Class of 1991

I had the pleasure of working with Aisha during the 2018-2019 school year. Aisha approached each day with a positive attitude and willingness to take anything on.  Together we would take on challenges with our classes and oftentimes she would just look at me, smile and say, “Girl!”  It was her way of saying, “We got this!”  And who can forget that Friday afternoon dismissal? We were all ready for the weekend and instead of saying have a good weekend, she looked at me and a couple of other colleagues and said, “Ziggetyboo!”  We will all forever use that fun, catchy, phrase as a great reminder of her light, fun, carefree spirit! Aisha will forever live on in our hearts!  

Kristina Hayward

Educator, Woodbury Elementary School