Lomond Sensory Room

When our students returned to the building after the pandemic we heard a recurring theme from our teachers, across our school buildings: Our students needed more resources to help them with their social emotional health, and well-being.

Thankfully our school district can depend on donors like you to help fund initiatives that can address the needs of the whole child, like the new sensory room at Lomond Elementary. This safe space has many benefits.  It allows students to learn how to self-regulate their emotions, gain control of their bodies and increase their attention span over time. 

Students use sensory activities to improve balance, movement, and spatial awareness.

While some students use the room as part of their daily routine, others come in on an as-needed basis. Students can use any one of the sensory activities. Trampolines, crash bags, and color blocks are among the more popular options. 

Lomond School Counselor, Mary Bourisseau, says she can already see a positive impact on students. “Lomond has seen a decrease in behavior issues in the classroom. We have seen fewer classroom removals and fewer office referrals, which is allowing our students to spend more time in class for classroom instruction.”


“Students are learning to identify and plan their sensory activities as well as vocalize and advocate for themselves which sensory activities help them. Not only do students use the room individually, but they also use the room in pairs which helps students learn positive behavior with other students. Students are learning how to take turns, inspire one another, and how to give positive comments to their peers. Before they leave the sensory room, I also take them through mindfulness exercises. We always end with breathing and reflection, learning how to control their body and being able to keep still and calm in their movements.”