In the season of Thanks & Giving, we honored our dedicated Shaker teachers and staff with messages of “Thanks” from our Shaker community and alumni. We are grateful for the many, many messages of appreciation we received!


Angela Anderson, Boulevard

Thank you for being such a loving and nurturing teacher! We are just amazed at all that you do for the students. We feel so lucky to have you as Elois’s teacher!


Vickie Fagan, Boulevard

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! We appreciate your commitment to each student and ensuring each can reach his or her potential. We have loved watching Tessa grow this year and can’t thank you enough for your support, partnership, and communication. We are so lucky to have you!


Nurse Meinhard- Boulevard Elementary

Only the coolest cucumber could make being a school nurse during a pandemic look so easy. You handle it all with such an even temperament and we appreciate and admire that so much! Thank you for keeping our kids well and for so liberally dispensing TLC!


Ms. Christine Varricchio- Boulevard Elementary

We are so thankful for your dedication to your students! You put so much heart into your teaching, and your students are growing by leaps and bounds as a result. Thank you, also, for the outstanding communication with families. It is so much fun to glimpse what it’s like inside your classroom in the photos you share.


Melissa Becerra Boulevard

Thank you for being the most creative and engaging teacher my children have ever had!  Your early impact on them fueled their love of learning!!  They love you!


Lorene Rider – Fernway

Just thanks!!


Selena Boyer, Fernway Elementary

Thank you for the passion and energy that you bring to your classroom! We appreciate that you are always encouraging Ezra to improve, push himself, and learn more. We are so grateful that you are his teacher!


Adam Mortus

Thanks for being such an amazing teacher and really connecting with your students. It has made a big difference to both Hailey and Ethan! We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!



To the wonderful staff and teachers we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with at Lomond – a huge thank you for all you do and the amazing learning my kiddos get each day!


Ms. Royal, Lomond

Thank you for your dedication to teaching and caring for our children.


Nancy Jackson & Miss Billie, Lomond

Thank you for always being kind and helpful.


Lomond Elementary Teachers and Staff

As my second child makes their way through Lomond Elementary, I am reminded how lucky our family is to benefit from the knowledge and kindness of Lomond’s leadership, teachers, staff, paraprofessionals, and even fellow parents – those who come in at lunch, recess and after hours to help in whatever way they can. We are so grateful for all of you, and all that you do.


Mr. Ratcliffe, Lomond

Thank you for joyfully saying hi to my son Mickey every single morning after he yells hello to you from across the lawn! He is always excited to see you on the sidewalk in the morning and it makes a great start to his school day!


Dora Bechtel, Onaway

We are so thankful for your leadership in the Onaway community. Your energy and enthusiasm for your work is very apparent and you clearly care deeply about the students and teachers you work for and with! We appreciate the frequent communication and support for family engagement. Keep up the good work! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Nicole Smith

We are so grateful for Charlie’s amazing teachers! It is so great to see him excited about learning. Thank you for your warm, calm, kind presence and for creating a loving, nurturing environment in the classroom! Happy Thanksgiving!


Karie Murphy, Onaway

We are so thankful for Charlie’s amazing teachers! It is great to see him so excited about learning. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm and for making room for fun and humor in the classroom!


Ms. Denton, Onaway

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and dedication to teaching Kindergarten!  We are so grateful for all you do every day and are so lucky that Owen has you as his teacher this year!


Sally Davros, Onaway

Thank you for everything you did to support Emma this fall. She had SO MUCH FUN during Raiderette season and is so bummed it's over. We really appreciate teachers and coaches who understand and value wellness beyond the classroom. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving


Mrs. Bechtel, Onaway

Thank you for leading Onaway with wisdom and caring! We are grateful to have you for our Principal!


Mrs. Klausner, Onaway

Thank you for working hard to keep Onaway safe and healthy! We are grateful for the love and wisdom you bring to the nurse’s office!


Dr. Brown, Onaway

you are such an inspiring educator! We are grateful for the ways you have helped each of our children find their love of learning. Thank you for holding the whole school and the IB program in your guidance. We are grateful for you!


Dr. DiLeo, Onaway

Thank you for making 4th grade so exciting! Our 4th grader was bubbling with excitement this week to share all of the science stations he had traveled to. Thank you for the many ways you go above and beyond to spark the students & curiosity and love of learning!


Mrs. Corle, Onaway

We so appreciate the enthusiasm and magic you bring to second grade! Our second grader is so excited by the desk pets, classroom traditions, and special opportunities. We are grateful for you!


Mr. Rudell, Onaway

Thank you for being an outstanding preschool teacher!   It is so heartwarming  to witness how you make connections and build relationships with each of your students.  You are building a wonderful, caring community!


Mrs. Lopez, Onaway

Thank you for inspiring, motivating, caring for, and going above and beyond for all the lucky first graders in your class! We are so grateful.


Suzanne Peterjohn, Onaway

Thank you for being an amazing second grade teacher!  Your classroom is so welcoming to ALL students, and I am awed  by the amount of time and effort you put into meeting each of their individual needs.  I can’t help but notice how engaged students are in learning!  Thank you for all that you do.


Mr. Charlie Vann, Onaway

Mr. Vann knows everyone – kids and families – at Onaway so well and always works to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.


Mr. Clemens (Band), High School

Thanks for all you are doing to get this huge crew ready for France!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Ms. Ersek (AP World History), High School  

Thank you so much for your understanding, flexibility, and willingness to help support Emma during this time. We really appreciate teachers who understand and value wellness beyond the classroom. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


Mr. Walker (Science), High School

Thank you for all of the wonderful support you show to the students, along with your infinite patience for that first hour class that Emma is in! They are quite a group. We are still working hard on being on time and will continue to do so. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and a few days off. You are very appreciated!


Ms. Manary, High School  

Thank you for all of your compassion and support and willingness to help inside and outside of the classroom. We feel so blessed to have gotten to know you all these years and for the love and support you’ve given to Caitlin and Emma. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Elizabeth Vokes, High School

Thank you Ms. Vokes for all of the awesome support you provide Emma and our entire family. We are so lucky to have someone so understanding and committed and supportive and trustworthy. You are the best!!!! Have a great Thanksgiving.


Mr. Gainford, High School  

Thank you so much for your understanding, flexibility, and willingness to help support Emma during this time. We really appreciate teachers who understand and value wellness beyond the classroom. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving


Ms. Goldstein, High School

Thank you so much for your understanding, flexibility, and willingness to help support Emma during this time. We really appreciate teachers who understand and value wellness beyond the classroom. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


Mrs. Shrestha, High School  

Thank you for pushing the students to excellence! We are so grateful for the opportunity our daughter has to learn in your class. You are making an impact!


Mrs. Berndt, High School

Thank you for being such an inspiring and caring psychology teacher! Our daughter is so excited about what she is learning, and also impressed by the way you care for students holistically. We are grateful for you!


Mrs. Genillier, High School  

Thank you for guiding and teaching the students in French! We are grateful for you!


Mrs. Jelen, High School

We are so grateful our daughter has the opportunity to learn and play in your orchestra! Thank you for teaching and caring for the students holistically. We are thankful for you!


Mr. McGuan, High School  

Thank you so much for the expertise and enthusiasm you bring to the Engineering program at SHHS! Thank you for igniting our daughter’s interest in science in math in 4th grade and continuing to inspire in machining!


Mrs. White, High School

Thank you for your passion and patience in math teaching! We are so grateful for you!


Eric Peterson, High School  

Thank you first off for putting up with angsty teenagers! With hindsight I’ve realized that one of the most important characteristics of a high school swim coach must be patience. More seriously, thank you for your encouragement, coaching and teaching for those many years of swimming. The discipline and perseverance that swimming helped teach have been incredibly impactful to my adult professional and personal life. I consider you to be a significantly positive influence on my life. Thank you for all you did!


Bryan Child, High School

Just a small note of appreciation for all you do to help Rubin. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.


Lori White, High School  

Your kindness and attention to I imagine all students, but in my experience to Rubin are definitely something I’m grateful for. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.


Ms. Genillier, High School

You shine brightly as an exemplary teacher- modeling kindness, caring, and the kind of devotion to students that does a parents heart good.


Carmen Chung

Thank you for setting high expectations filled with love and support for both of my children! They both love you!!


Ms. Rashida, Bus 82 Driver   

At first our daughter was nervous about riding the bus for the first time, but Ms. Rashida made her feel so welcome and now she happily boards the bus each morning. She is particularly fond of the music that Ms. Rashida plays and that is usually the first thing she talks about after school. So thank you to Ms. Rashida for safely getting our daughter to and from school everyday and for making the journey such a fun and memorable one for our daughter.


Ms. Potts, Woodbury

I love seeing in the lunchroom. You’re so kind, and your smile lights up my day. Thank you for helping all the kids at Woodbury get yummy food!


Mr. Tribble, Woodbury

You are so enthusiastic! It’s amazing! Even when I’m at home sick, it makes me really happy to hear you over the loudspeakers giving an announcement for Woodbury. Whenever your voice comes in a room, whether you’re actually there or on the loudspeaker, it lights up the mood. I especially like that one time when there were two interruptions before you came on. And you said, “You know what’s better than two interruptions? THREE interruptions!” That made my day. It was so funny! I’m so glad you are at Woodbury.


Mr. Forman, Woodbury

Thank you for being an amazing principal at Woodbury! You’ve introduced this concept “ubuntu” to Woodbury, and I think that it has made a really positive change at Woodbury. “That’s Ubuntu” video really inspires me to be more kind because “I am, because we are”. I’m glad you were my principal at Onaway and now at Woodbury.


Ms. O’Leary-Stark

you are so kind and enthusiastic in the classroom. You always share fun ways to learn things. I like how you don’t just always assume that “The Book” is correct. You do it yourself, just to make sure it’s not getting it wrong. And you always put a lot of effort into lessons, like how you printed out all of the paper to cut out for our puzzles. I think you’re an amazing teacher!


Mr. Keitlan, Woodbury

You are so funny and you make lessons really interesting. I like how you add personal experiences too. Thank you for doing Wavemakers, because I like the chance to help other people get clean water. You always come up with creative ways to learn things, like learning about cave drawings by sticking paper to the bottom of tables and drawing on them with crayons. Or making an amusement park based on a country. I have learned so much already!


Mr. Jenkins

you are an awesome design teacher. I’m so excited to do more cool design projects. I like that when our class is falling asleep, you know that a Kahoot is good to wake us up. You adapt to our learning mood so that we can learn best. You also are open to other people’s ideas. I love that we get to do Free Fridays, those are super cool.

Mrs. Hayward, Woodbury

You are such an AMAZING Lang & Lit teacher! You challenge us to do more than just the minimum. And you get us thinking! I love all our assignments and I like your humor. You always inspire us to be the best. You’re an awesome teacher!


Lucy Hamilton, Woodbury

You are such an amazing orchestra teacher! You explain things really well and you make orchestra so fun!   I love having you as an orchestra teacher!

Frau Sieg, Woodbury

Frau Sieg, Sie sind die beste! Jedes Mal ich bin glücklich wenn ich spreche deutsch mit Sie und wenn ich lerne deutsch mit sie! Sie Hilfen mir so oft! Ich vergesse sie nie! Vielen dank für alles!!!!!


Triceratops Teaching Team, Woodbury

Thank you for all the energy and enthusiasm you bring to teaching your fifth graders. It’s clear that each of you takes the time to get to know them as individuals, and we appreciate that so much!

Mrs. Brindza

I am thankful for your energy for learning!


Ms. Brown, Woodbury

I would like to thank Ms. Brown for taking the time at the end of the school day to contact me about an assignment in my daughter’s math class. She was patient, caring and showed genuine concern and understanding about the situation. Her effort to reach out was much appreciated.

Mr. Cross

Thank you for instilling new confidence in Mia Kerr’s abilities.

My 5th Grader’s Teachers, Woodbury

Since my child has attended this school , which has just been since this school year, she has excelled so fantastically , I am so happy that my child is a part of Woodbury elementary and I’m going to do my best to keep my child at this school and in this district. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, it matters.

Tracy Williams, Woodbury

Thank you for being the rock and empiricism support behind the scenes quietly, efficiently getting things done and always having the students and their families best interests at heart!  You are the body and soul of the Shaker Schools!!