Life Size Monopoly

Students "Advance to Go" while they learn about finance, money and life lessons.

Shaker Schools Foundation was pleased to support an enrichment grant for 7th grade Science teacher, Brittany Tonti, in the 2022-2023 year. With this grant, she was able to purchase the supplies needed for a life-size Monopoly.

Ms. Tonti shared the story of this life-sized lesson: After a community circle that led students to ask many questions about credit, interest rates, and how to invest money, she realized there was a true need for this type of education, even at the middle school level. She developed a classroom economy system that provides students with the opportunity to apply real-world concepts to strengthen financial literacy over a school year using “science singles” as their currency. Students rent or purchase their desks, can buy other students’ desks and collect monthly rent, as well as pay insurance, income tax and fines. They can obtain second jobs within the classroom to earn additional money and learn how to budget and save funds to spend at “Tonti’s Target.” The Shaker Schools Foundation was pleased to partner in this fun way to increase financial literacy!