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Why are donations necessary?

Donations will allow us to provide the funding necessary to create a great environment for our participants to experience success. Read more from Coach Nicholson.

How are my donations used?

Donations will go towards specialty training equipment, support staff and equipment, future team events, Raider Platoon program, volunteer coach program, team meals, academic incentives, and post-practice/workout nutrition.

Please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing the link to this website with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other means. 

Thank you! Your support makes a difference for our student-athletes!


Help us Meet our Fundraising Goal: $25,000

football team
football team

For questions on donations, please contact Laura Orazi, Director of Development, Shaker Schools Foundation / 216.295.4329.

For more information on Shaker Football contact Coach Nicholson at or visit

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Shaker Heights Football Program Mission Statement

The Shaker Heights Football Program’s mission is to create an elite culture that will develop our athletes to thrive in stressful conditions, create student-athletes of high character, and build a common bond within our program. We achieve this mission by teaching our student-athletes skills that will last a lifetime by providing year-round experiences.  


Shaker Heights Football Program Vision

Giving the Shaker Heights community a K-12 football program they are proud of.