Eighth-graders at Shaker Middle School are learning how to design, measure, cut, and sand by building bookshelves in a Woodworking unit as part of their Design Class cycle.

In addition to the satisfaction of learning new woodworking skills, Shaker Middle School students will get the happy glow of giving the bookshelves they are creating to younger Shaker students. The first cohort of Woodworking students hand-delivered their bookshelves to second grade and extended standards students at Mercer Elementary, who were thrilled to be able to take the bookshelves home to house their favorite books. Each hand-crafted bookshelf is signed by the artist for a special personal touch. Each quarter, the builders will have the opportunity to present their bookshelves to a different group of elementary school students to take home and enjoy. 

Says Design teacher Mark Nagal, “Whether they become a skilled craftsman or just a homeowner needing to fix things around the house, every student will have some working knowledge of tools and how to safely use them, from hammers and screwdrivers to band saws and drill presses.”