New Raider Athletic Center and Wrestling Room


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Future Raider Athletic Center and Dedicated Wrestling Room

Dear Shaker Schools Alumni, Families, and Friends,

As the new head football coach at Shaker Heights High School, it has been a pleasure getting to know our talented students, outstanding faculty, and many of our dedicated alumni. I have felt truly welcomed into this diverse and energetic community that is committed to helping every student develop academically, socially, and physically. 

I hope you’ll allow me to share a piece of wisdom I have gained from my years as an athlete and coach. It’s a common misconception that championships are won on the court, field, pitch, or arena. They are not: they are won in the weight room. As such, I’m very excited to share with you that the Shaker Heights City School District in partnership with the Shaker Schools Foundation have committed to supporting the development of a new Raider Athletic Center and Dedicated Wrestling Room that will greatly enhance athletic and fitness programming for our student. 


  • This project will increase the number of students who can safely work on strength training and conditioning at one time, from the current capacity of 40 to 70.
  • The new wrestling room to be moved to the existing weight room space will be a dedicated space which will be safer, more sanitary and non-disruptive to other activities
  • The Raider Athletic Center will be accessible to all high school students in physical education and weight training courses as well as all of our Athletic teams


Here’s what some of my colleagues have to say about our plans:

The Physical Education department is extremely excited for the possibility of the purposed weight room and wrestling room.  This would be a huge benefit to our strength and conditioning classes as well as our fitness and yoga classes.  We will use the wrestling room during the day for a quiet yoga room with no one walking through and disrupting class.  This upgrade will lead to so many more opportunities for our students.
Marc Enie, Chair of High School Physical Education and Health


There are many layers to closing the achievement gap and I believe one layer is athletics. Weight training is an integral part of injury prevention and it builds confidence on and off the field. Reports say students who participate in sports and physically active children tend to have better school attendance, fewer disciplinary problems and may improve cognitive health leading to improved academic achievement. I believe if Shaker continues to invest in athletics and fitness, it will be a layer that will help all students. 
Jennifer Clarke, Girls Field Hockey Coach, Class of ’92

Shaker designating and developing this space for our wrestling team confirms what I’ve always believed that Shaker is. Supportive of diversity, inclusion, and continuing to not leave anyone without the proper resources to achieve success. Our program will really take off once this process is complete.

Will Knight, Wrestling Coach, Class of ’91


Athletics in an educational setting have always served as a conduit through which students from a multitude of backgrounds can find common ground and build their self-confidence.  By placing the Raider Athletic Center in the heart of the building, where it belongs, it will be more accessible to all students, and provide greater opportunity to experience the benefits of the positive outlet that physical exercise can provide.

Dave Englander, Shaker Cross Country/Track


The new Raider Athletic Center will be located in the space currently known as the multi-purpose room and will include: 10 custom-built squat racks with built-in storage for dumbbells, kettle bells, and plates; 10 adjustable benches; 4 adjustable glute-ham machines; 4 neck machines; and six adjustable cable machines. The entire Center will be outfitted with Shaker Raider logos to promote school pride and create a sense of ownership among student-athletes. 

Be a Supporter

We ask that you consider a donation to support all student-athletes and provide years of opportunity for our Shaker students to enhance their fitness. You may donate directly through the Shaker Schools Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to support the academic and co-curricular activities of the Shaker Heights City School District. Your donation, in any amount, is fully tax-deductible and will be earmarked specifically for the project of building the Raider Athletic Center and Wrestling Room.

Possible levels of support include:

Raider Founder Room Sponsor $5,000
Hall of Famer Squat Rack $3,000
All-Region Dumbbell Set $2,000
All-District Neck Machine $1,000
All-Conference Plates $250
Team Player   Other Amount

Whether you give a general donation or a donation for one or more specific pieces of equipment, your fully tax-deductible donation will help all Shaker students reach their fullest potential. Thank you for your consideration and support! 

Alex Nicholson 
Head Football Coach
Shaker Heights High School