Shaker Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Class of 2021


Shaker alumni fondly recall their excellent education and credit Shaker Heights City Schools for helping them develop skills and competencies which led to their personal and professional success. We are so proud of the many Shaker alumni who have made significant contributions in a wide range of fields, changing their communities and the world in meaningful ways. The Shaker Schools Foundation is delighted to continue to honor exceptional Shaker Heights High School alumni by inducting them into our Hall of Fame.

Since 1986, we have honored almost 300 Shaker graduates. The ranks include renowned artists, authors, musicians, and athletes; award-winning scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs; and leaders in business, government, law and philanthropy. View a current list of inductees here.

Criteria for Shaker Heights High School Hall of Fame Inductees

    • Be a Shaker graduate who graduated at least 10 years ago
    • Be distinguished and recognized by their peers in their field of endeavor
    • Have made significant contributions in a local, state, national or international arena
    • Be a positive role model for current Shaker students

Nominations should include specific, substantiated examples of how the individual has exemplified the identified qualities. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide full information as the information provided in the nomination is what will be used for scoring nominations.

Many outstanding nominations are received every year. Candidates must be able to attend the Hall of Fame assembly and address Shaker students to share their wisdom. The Hall of Fame Committee will ensure that the candidate is available for the events that will take place later this year.

Please fully complete the following nomination form. In order for our Shaker Schools Alumni Hall of Fame committee members to thoroughly consider your nominee, please include as much information as possible, including specific facts and figures regarding the nominee’s career, special honors, peer recognition, published works, public service, and other details which paint a complete and compelling portrait of the nominee. We also welcome letters providing supporting documentation submitted by others who know the nominee. This additional information may be submitted to

Each nomination is only considered in the year it is submitted. If you would like to re-submit a previous candidate for consideration, please update the form below so that all information is complete and current.

Shaker Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Class of 2021


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