Kindergarten students at all five Shaker elementary buildings are adding a fundamental life skill to their repertoire: learning to ride a bike.  

The All Kids Bike program supported by the Foundation includes training for the P.E. teachers, 22 Strider Bikes, helmets, and an 8-week curriculum designed to help students progress toward the ultimate goal of pedaling a bike independently. The students progress through 30 activities that help them learn balance, safety, and maneuverability. Midway through the program, the bikes are converted from a balance mode to pedal mode, to gradually provide students the confidence to achieve each milestone. The bikes will travel to each K-4 building throughout the school year. 

Fernway PE teacher Sean Morris championed bringing the program to the Shaker Schools, which has already been a big hit with students and their families. “What I love about this program most is success for all whether they are striding, gliding or pedaling,” he says. “Every child is riding and experiencing growth at their own rate just in different ways – not to mention the giggles and confidence building!  We are so grateful for the support of the Foundation in making this program a reality for our youngest learners.”